As a subsidiary of Kibar Holding, one of Turkey’s leading industrial enterprises, AssanChem has been taking steps in line with its sustainability vision for the past 10 years. AssanChem carries out all its production processes using eco-friendly methods and technologies. It provides companies in different industries with services and solutions by incorporating its eco-friendly and safe for human health products. The company is also making steady progress in the end-to-end digitization of all management processes in line with a sustainable approach that encompasses employees, suppliers, customers, and all other stakeholders.

Kibar Holding’s sustainable approach is based on the principles of honesty and reliability, which were defined by its founder and honorary president, As?m Kibar, as the core values of Kibar Group. Shaped by Kibar Group’s deep-rooted corporate governance tradition, innovative approach, business ethics, and social responsibility culture, as well as the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) that the Group signed, this sustainable approach represents the Group’s business culture. Kibar Group offers its employees a fair work environment where human rights are protected, occupational health and safety is prioritized, professional development is supported, and equal opportunities are provided, in compliance with the United Nations Global Compact.

The product lines are as follows: rigid systems, flexible systems, prepolymers, polyester polyols, and thermoplastic polyurethanes.

Domestic polyurethane system manufacturer, it continues to develop tailor-made solutions for customers in Turkey and the world thanks to its technology and R&D investments.

While responding to all kinds of needs of its customers quickly and flexibly from its warehouse with its wide range of products, it also supports customers in product development thanks to various technical support opportunities offered by its partner organizations..