About Us

Penta Trading Group WLL serves industrial, commercial, and residential customers by professionally fulfilling their refrigeration needs. It has become a name to reckon with in the burgeoning Qatar region since 2005 and is expanding further to other metropolitan markets in the larger GCC. Penta plays the role of a contractor, distributor, and after-sales service provider with élan and offers end-to-end solutions to our customers. The top-notch service we have offered for the last 16 years have built a reputation for quality and trust in the market and become the first priority in the mind of our customers. We enjoy fruitful and exclusive relationship with leading manufacturers and distributors in the field. We also create an ambiance for enterprising professionals to work together for a common goal of welfare. We are committed to the planet by reducing the carbon footprints to the maximum.

Penta Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Currently located in Qatar since 2005, Penta Trading aims to expand its business to other GCC countries. The planet has a less promising future with industries increasingly contributing to the carbon footprint. Refrigeration sector also takes much of the blame. Our vision is to create a more feasible future for our customers,our society and our earth

Our Mission

We take a no compromise approach to quality in procurement and delivery in all aspects of our business. We liaise with international brands to make available in the market the state-of-the-art technology in refrigeration so that all our customer segments—domestic, commercial, and industrial—keep reposing faith in us. We ensure to recruit a dedicated and content workforce to ensure the optimum in service. Listed below are the practices we follow to reach our vision:

  • To provide amiably and with all smiles professional, convenient, fast, and accurate service.
  • To maintain optimal freshness and the highest quality for all products by precisely controlling every step in the freezing and storage processes and by maintaining exact temperatures as required at all times.
  • To reduce the impact on our environment by reducing the use of resources such as water, electricity, and harmful chemical products and to leverage the latest technologies and lean management principles to reduce our carbon footprints.
  • To preserve the efficacy of products by maintaining a top-of-the-line cold storage facility and observing strict cold chain practices.
  • To provide state-of the-art refrigeration services to the retail, food service, food distribution, and agriculture industries. Through a continuous focus on service, quality and efficiency, we will set the industry standard in service excellence.
  • To provide our customers with the best support possible with knowledge transfer and open communication.
  • Be a company with strong credentials of integrity and ethics so that is a pleasure to do business with us. 

We continuously improve our products, services, processes, and procedures. Our alliances with professional, reliable suppliers whose new technologies and materials, innovative ideas, especially those aiming to reduce the noise level and cost awareness contribute to the ongoing optimisation of our products. Our technological and engineering excellence helps us deliver impactful solutions for our customers.

Ensuring the best and Envisaging the finest

It has never been a rosy path for us in this journey of 16 years. We have met with challenges and setbacks in this path. However, challenges have forced us to refine our process to face them head- on. All markets are volatile, especially the sector of refrigeration and air-conditioning. We have partners with the leading manufactures and marketing firms to bring out the best quality products in the markets. Though the strategy and product specifications have always positively changed, our core objective has never changed: We helped our customers maintain optimum temperature on public transport and we ensured that food stays always fresh...
We have trained our staff using seminars and workshops about the industrial standards to maintain and ethical guidelines to follow.
Though we locate ourselves in the fertile soil of Qatar, we envisage a future where we will be a name to reckon with, and rely on, in other GCC counties in a foreseeable future. We aim to meet the refrigeration requirements in the nation and other leading nations around us.
Also, it is a time we speak no more about the market sustainability of a business than about its capacity to contribute to sustainable development_about whether the planet earth can sustain us. We are committed to the planet by reducing the carbon footprints to the maximum.
And, finally, we believe we can become a safer place to work and introduce the best standards in the sector.